Wednesday, October 14, 2015

31 Reasons & an UPDATE

HAPPY BIRTHDAY week to my hunky, hottie of a hubby! This Sunday, October 18th, we will be celebrating Jared's 31st birthday. Our journey began as two, young kids that just wanted to obey God. Most days, we still feel like those young kids. Yes, I still feel like that young 8th grade girl with a crush. I am so thankful for Jared and his sweet spirit as he is constantly speaking truth and love into my life. He is my confidence and balance as he leads our little family with such humility and grace. And... that is just a few of the reasons I love him! Sooo... here are 31 more!

1. He is a hard-worker.
2. He does the dishes.
3. He is a good example.
4. He is loyal.
5. He is honest.
6. He does the grocery shopping.
7. He is funny.
8. He is thoughtful.
9. He is reliable.
10. He is my best friend.
11. He is smart.
12. He makes me laugh.
13. He is so talented.
14. He provides for our little family.
15. He is patient.
16. He is obedient.
17. He likes my cooking.
18. He is an outstanding teacher. 
19. He listens. 
20. He is faithful.
21. He is so cute.
22. He helps fold the clothes. 
23. He gives the best hugs. 
24. He sits on my cold feet to warm them up.
25. He is kind.
26. He cleans the bathrooms.
27. He compliments my crazy hair. 
28. He writes me sweet notes
29. He surprises me. 
30. He is so handsome.
31. He is already an amazing daddy. 

I am so grateful for all of the “firsts” that Jared and I have experienced together. Our first “date” when we basically just sat beside each other when I was in the 8th grade, and he was in the 11th grade. Our wedding day when we shared many firsts… all in one day. Our first pet. Our first home. our first mission to Kenya, and NOW... our first child. I know that the best is yet to come!

Application. CHECK.
Home Study. CHECK.
Immigration. CHECK.
Dossier. ALMOST...
When we started the journey of adoption almost 9 months ago, we were told that it would be a long, unpredictable process. BUT... here we are, checking things off of the list daily knowing that each step is just one more step closer to bringing this little guy home from Haiti. According to the timeline we were given, we were expecting to submit our dossier in December. ("The term ‘dossier’ when used in the context of adoption refers to a collection of legal documents that are appropriately authenticated and translated and used in international adoption cases to process the adoption of a child in its own country by the adoptive parents. The information that is required differs by country. Normally, records to prove a family's identity, finances, health, and character are included in a dossier." US Legal & Law Definition) However, just a few weeks ago, we were contacted by our agency telling us that a few spots had opened up, and as quickly as we can get everything together for our dossier, it could hopefully be submitted earlier then expected! Whoop! Whoop! Soooo... We have been like two crazy people gathering everything and are so grateful that it is almost, YES, almost complete. After approval, our agency will submit our dossier to the Haitian government.

After our dossier is submitted, we will be waiting to be matched with our little guy, then wait for an invitation to make our first visit to meet him. Because Haiti requires two trips, we will return home after the first trip and wait for the adoption to be finalized before returning back to Haiti in order to bring this little guy home for good. The past nine months have been FULL of highs and lows, but what an incredible journey it has already been! We have definitely experienced many different emotions, and every day brings its own unique joys and challenges. Because we have experienced deep grief, we have also been able to experience true joy. Our God has taught us so much about who He is, revealing Himself to us in our sometimes pitiful pursuit of Him. We are beyond grateful for "our village" made up of friends and family around the world who continue to support us and speak truth and hope into our lives as we prepare to be parents to this special kiddo.  

Your prayers are most appreciated, friends. What a life we could live if we TRULY believed that God is working ALL things for our good and His glory. He just asks us to simply acknowledge Him and obey His Word. I am so grateful that He not only hears our prayers, BUT answers them. Please continue to pray for the following as we desire nothing more than for God to be glorified through this journey:

- God's provision as we apply for grants and fundraise the remaining $20,000 needed
- Our preparation for parenting
- Our child's spiritual, physical, and emotional health
- For those providing care to our child until he is brought home
- The people of Lifeline as they guide us through this process  

Worship in Waiting: (2 of the Birthday Boy's Favs) 
"My Story" Big Daddy Weave
"When God Ran" Phillips, Craig & Dean


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  2. Happy Birthday "old man"! Wishing you both joy always! Love you... Jamie