Thursday, August 23, 2018

One Step at a Time

I close my eyes, even today... and in my mind, I take each step... one at a time, up the rocky road, towards the creche to pick up baby boy for the day. The walk from the guesthouse to the creche is steep, haunting, humbling... and truly symbolic of our journey. The sounds, smells and sights of Haiti continue to fill my senses even after so many days of being home. Silas offers fist bumps to each armed security guard as we pass through the green gate multiple times each day. "Mum Mum Mum! PaPa PaPa Papa!" is yelled through the courtyard by so many kiddos, because they know WHY we are there. My fingers are sticky and the smell of paint strong as a result of furniture, walls and doors being painted, once again, by previous mission teams. The mango is perfection, and the traditional pumpkin soup is delicious, becoming a Cooper family favorite. Waking up to the smell of bacon was the best, and each morning, I was grateful for the "little coffee maker that could". Because the compound sits at such high elevation, the clouds roll in through the windows early in the mornings and late in the afternoons most days. A sound machine app is a must most nights in order to distract from the loud music, motorcycles, baby cries and what seemed like chaos in the streets... unless there was a rainstorm, of course. My sweet Jared played the ukulele, and we sang and danced to pass the time. Those long, but sweet days as a family of 4... Those scary, but sacred nights when we would sing, laugh, cry and pray... I will forever treasure and remember as moments where our good Father held us extra tight and taught us even more about HIS GOODNESS and GRACE.

THANK YOU for being a part of “our village” and joining us on this incredible, messy, scary, beautiful journey that has taken us from a family of 2, to a family of 3, and now a family of 4. Goodness... how our God has gone before us and literally carried us over the past almost 4 years! I am constantly attempting to put into words the “hills and valleys” of our journey since traveling to Bogota and now Haiti, but sometimes struggle to communicate what my head and heart know and have experienced. But our God remains faithful as we continue to navigate the “hills and valleys” of this journey making joy available to us along the way. I have learned that some stories are just unable to be completely told with written words, but are instead felt so deeply they are best told face to face while sharing the same space. Like a campfire or kitchen table... they create an environment for intimacy, transparency and openness - an opportunity to gather and truly connect. So, y'all c’mon over to the Cooper Cottage and gather around my kitchen table. Let’s talk life and share our stories over coffee or tea. The crisp, fall air will be here soon, so let’s gather around a campfire and be truly present and in the moment while losing count of the s’mores eaten. You tell your stories, and I'll tell mine, friend. Your story. My story. The highs and lows. Chapter after chapter. Seasons of change and growth. It makes us who we are and who God created us to be. All for our good and His glory. Although all different and unique, our stories allow us to connect with each other and ultimately, encourage and inspire. Yes, the good, the bad, the ugly - each chapter of our journey can be used for His Kingdom. Let the Author write as we choose JOY in the journey. 

GUESS WHAT, FRIENDS?!?!? THE BEADS ARE BACK!!!!! Remember the 1,800 paper bead bracelets y’all purchased to support our adoption almost 2 years ago?! While in Haiti, we had the opportunity to visit Apparent Project and meet the incredible people behind those GIVE BACK BEAUTIES. Your WEARING and SHARING not only impacted our family, friends... but multiple families in Haiti. Because of the political unrest happening in Haiti while we were there a few weeks ago, many mission teams canceled their trips. Organizations like AP thrive on mission teams coming to serve and shop, so we want to continue to show our love and support, especially during this time. These beauties are just $10 each ($4 shipping) and handmade in Haiti! Not only will your purchase help this mommy and daddy bring their little love home from Haiti, but will also empower mommies and daddies in Haiti to care for their children with hope and dignity. We know our God is working in our waiting, and we continue to be humbled and completely overwhelmed by our tribe that continues to love and support us in this journey. 150 MORE bracelets arrived TODAY from Haiti!!! Comment, message, text, or email to order. You can purchase via (send to,, mail a check... OR we can meet up for coffee... and curbside pick up is always an option, friends. 

If you haven't already, please take a few minutes to watch this video! It's amazing that these beauties are made from cereal boxes and clay. 1 cereal box can make about 50 beads, and they go through 400 boxes per day! The clay beads are hand-rolled and dried in the sun before painted. Grateful that HE makes ALL things NEW.

Worship in Waiting:
"He Who is Mighty" Sovereign Grace
"So Will I" Hillsong

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  1. Morgan-you are such an inspiration! I love your writings so much, but, even more LOVE watching the way God is growing your family and your walk with Him! Continue to fight the good fight, sweet have an army with you along the way! -Love ya, Christen

    P.S. Definitely going to take you up on the campfire/s’mores deal! ☺️