Monday, May 2, 2016

"I Get It from My Momma"

"I get it from my Momma" is the thought that comes to mind so often as I "nest" and, as she calls it, "piddle around" my Peace Place, and today is no different. I often think about why I adore small spaces, old things, lots of pictures, sweet-smelling candles, green plants, rose bushes, banana bread in the oven... Well, because my momma does. Growing up, she always kept our home where at any time, we could invite friends over. It was and still is a place where everyone and anyone feels welcome. That is my desire for the Cooper Cottage - a place where people gather and feel at home. You can feel free to eat your dessert or drink your sweet tea anywhere, because the decor is definitely not anything new or fancy; however, almost everything on the walls and most pieces of furniture tell a story. 

Hospitality, beauty in simplicity, love for the water and strawberry cake are just a few other things I get from my momma. But one thing that I hope and pray I get from her is to be the best wife, and one day, best mommy and friend for my babies. There are many days that "mom-to-be fears" overwhelm me, and she is the one always there on the other end of the phone every day (sometimes multiple times a day) to encourage me. Even if it is with, "Morgan, I remember leaving the hospital with you in my arms thinking, "Are they just going to let us walk out of here with her? We don't know what we are doing!". And here she is today, over 28 years later, still rockin' this "Mom thing". She makes me laugh and jealous of her super, cute wardrobe. She chats about what God is teaching her and is constantly learning new ways to love others. She can "rough it" camping and on the river with earrings and lip gloss. She still loves handmade, thoughtful gifts and anything and everything monogramed. She is willing to try new recipes and just smiles and serves it anyway, even if it doesn't quite go as planned. She doesn't want to just talk about it, but says, "Let's pray about it." She works hard, but knows how to have fun. She still holds my hand and even sometimes, cries with me. Yes, she still worries about me even when I tell her that I'm fine. She always has our favorite treats on the table when we come home for the weekend and never lets us head back to Memphis without snacks and a drink for the road. She never claims to have the answers to all of my questions, but always points to the One who does. She supports my crazy ideas, because she is the one who taught me to dream big. You can always find her in the background, quietly cheering on my sister and I in whatever season of life we are in. She still dates my daddy and lets him lead. She is... well, the list goes on and on. Although I would say she is a picture of perfection, she would disagree and say a picture of grace.

Her faith and sweet spirit are a constant source of encouragement as she continues to serve our family with such humility and grace. With Mother's Day come a lot of different emotions for many people. For my mom, I know her heart is full with sweet memories of her mother, and at the same time, aches because she wishes she could pick up the phone just one more time and talk to my sweet Grandmother who is now with Jesus. For me, it is an overwhelming sense of gratitude for my momma and the sweet friendship I have with her as she continues to love and disciple me. At the same time, it is yet another Mother's Day without babies to call my own. Over the past five years, there have been many times I have felt like a Varsity player only allowed on the J.V. team, because I have not yet obtained the ultimate title of "Mommy". However, my momma has empowered me to use this season to encourage others and pursue Jesus passionately knowing He works all things for our good and His glory. 

Some of my earliest memories as a child is watching my momma with my new baby sister. I was three years old and loved everything about this new baby. I was eager to learn how to hold her supporting her head just right, feed her and even change her diaper. I loved to play with her and would do just about anything to make her smile. I always knew I wanted to be a mommy after having a front row seat to this amazing experience. I wanted to be a mommy, well... because I wanted to be just like MY mommy. 

Happy Mother's Day & Thank YOU, Momma, for being such an incredible support on this journey and for also choosing JOY in the journey! I have had friends tell me what a good mom I will be one day, and to that I say, Thanks... I get it from MY MOMMA. 

Worship in Waiting:
"If We're Honest" Francesca Battistelli
"Just Be Held" Casting Crowns

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