Wednesday, June 15, 2016

POP. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.

"Nothing I love more than my girls! I am so proud of you and love ya with all that I am"... Yep, this is just one of the many texts I received from my daddy this week. His "morning text" and "around 3:30 phone-call" are a guarantee almost daily. He is just TOO much, right? And for so many of you, you know him and there really just are no words, huh? YET, at the same time... So. Much. To. Say.

"1... 2... 3... JUMP!!! JUMP, Morgan! C'mon, you can do it! I'm right here! You know how to swim. It will be fun! Just one time, and you will want to do it over and over again! I PROMISE! Would I ever tell you to do something that I thought would hurt you? Of course not! It will be fun! TRUST ME, Toot! Ok... here we go! 1... 2... 3... GOOOOO!!!" Yep, there I was, friends, a chubby, little girl on the high dive at the campground pool scared to death. The diving board shaking from my knees knocking while realizing the reality of turning around and going back down the lengthy ladder was not an option. My dad in the pool down below, like SO FAR down below. A moment I will never forget, friends. YES, I knew how to swim. YES, I trusted my daddy. YES, it looked like so much fun. BUT... that first jump was oh so scary. BUT... once my feet left the board, OH SO WORTH IT! 

My daddy has always encouraged me to try new, even scary things, work hard and always dream big. He has always created experiences and opportunities for memories to be made and challenges to be overcome. No excuses. No whining. No regrets. Just try. Do your best. Give 100%. And, see what happens. From my earliest memories of him combing out this crazy, curly head-of-hair after a bath, to camping, coaching, dancing and singing loudly at home, in the car, on the river... anywhere really, laughing until we cry and crying until we laugh, giving the "My World" speech followed by family prayer time, disciplining in firm yet delicate ways, communicating while always working on "his delivery", teaching us that there is a "Sunday School lesson" in everything, dating my momma, protecting and providing, he has been a constant source of strength as he leads his family fiercely and loves his girls gracefully. 

Heading six hours away to college just a little over ten years ago was the beginning of a season where, I think, I begin to put him on the diving board, asking him to "jump" with me. He is the one who taught me to "swim". To jump. To trust. To dream. To try. To obey. To TRULY follow the God he had taught me to not just know about, but to KNOW. So from college, to Africa, to marriage, to Memphis, to marathons, to back to Africa, and back to Africa, and back to Africa, and back to Africa, to now adoption, I have been overwhelmed and so humbled by him jumping WITH me. Yep... ALL of it. Every single bit. Oh so scary. BUT... OH SO WORTH IT! 

Fun. Kind. Generous. Hard-working. Detailed. Faithful. Creative. Mr. Fix-It. On time. Human Jukebox. Dedicated. Involved. Loyal. Sappy. Silly. Leader. Duct Tape/Bungee Cord King. Humble. Listener. Giver. Compassionate. Learner. Helper. Committed. Talented. Encourager. Friend. He really is... The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Daddy, the only thing better than having you as my daddy, is for my kiddos to have you as their POP. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into, huh? I can't wait! Thank You for jumping with me and choosing JOY in this journey. No matter how many times I say Thank You, it would never be enough. So, instead, I'll just keep jumping, knowing you taught me how to swim. And, ultimately, I know I can trust HIM. I LOVE YOU, Knucklehead! Happy Father's Day! 

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